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It’s time to throw out all those old hang-ups about mental illness and let in the light. Every other family is, or has been, affected by depression and it’s time to realise that good mental health is just as important as physical health and just as achieveable. This entertaining and informative book debunks jargon, shakes off taboos and gives fascinating insights into a complex subject by blowing away the Hammer Horror mists surrounding mental health.

Admitting you, or your brother, sister, mum, dad or Aunty Edna are going through a rough time is easier these days, but it’s a good idea to know what you are talking about and for others to know what you are going through. Secrets can make you sick so this book is for both suffers, and those close to them who need to make sense of what can be a very frightening situation or diagnosis.

Written for ordinary people to help them to understand depression, manic depression, bipolar, anxiety, addiction and host of other conditions, the first part is a dialogue between Jeremy Thomas and Dr. Tony Hughes – similar to John Cleese and his therapist in ‘Families and how to Survive Them’. Jeremy and Tony have known each other for longer than either care to remember and are honest, knowledgeable, funny and poignant as they explore the thin line between sanity and mental illness in the simple hope that they can help a few people in the same boat.

The second part is a Rough Guide: a one-stop resources shop to getting and staying sane. Packed full of road-tested tips on diet, lifestyle and treatment, it also offers bon mots for days when you need a little perspective, and unpicks medical terms so they aren’t mystifying and scary. Many books on mental health are medical, dry, and incomprehensible or dripping with bleeding hearts; this is for those who like their info kind, practical and realistic. Now available as an e-book.

Tony Hughes, who has been my friend and GP for 30 years (otherwise known as Dracula for the amount of blood he has let from my veins) has a particular interest in mental health and neuroscience based on the simple premise that usually the most interesting people have, or have had, some psychological problem or another – whether just plain eccentricity or others more distressing. With his interest in the Arts – he paints, mostly abstract works, performs with singing and piano and has been a theatre actor in the past – a film-making course led to the inception of our book together and the Emmy award-winning Stephen Fry documentary. His other main interest is a lovely French doctor called Orlane…..

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Jeremy Thomas and Dr Tony Hughes

Dr Tony Hughes and Jeremy Thomas at a book signing

Buy You Don't have to be Famous to have Manic Depression & The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health on Amazon

You Don’t Have to be Famous to have Manic Depression & the A-Z of Good Mental Health is now available to buy on Amazon Kindle.


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