The World According to Ned by Jeremy Thomas

Ned’s world is about to turn upside down. A cat of Russian extraction, he lives in a tumbledown apartment on Lavender Hill in London’s Cattersea, with humans Kirsty and Boggan. Life is pretty good; a kitten-heeled girlfriend Nippy, his best pal bus conductor Vince (the only human Ned can talk to), and his bipolar-but-loyal mucker – the Alsatian Seven.

But when Kirsty’s laptop is stolen by some nasty blokes in balaclava’s, her reaction is very out of character and Boggan seems powerless to help, Ned has to swing into action. Are Roman and Amelia the over-ambitious neighbours who run the post office at the bottom of it? Or is it the Flossers?  A dangerous Polish cat gang who value style over content and fighting above all else?

As the mystery deepens, Ned realises that Kirsty may be leading a double life. With the help of Vince, Seven, and Nippy, he sets out to do all a cat can do – despite no opposable thumbs – to save his purrfect lifestyle. But when he discovers Roman trying to murder Amelia, and that Bob The Leatherman’s shop has been burnt out – even a cat with more lives than most may have met his match.

A story about a far-from-average cat who is determined to save his home and his friends from the ravages of greed and the boredom of conformity, so he can get set up his own detective agency and eat an ounce of herring and sour cream and half a pint of borscht each day for the rest of his life!

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