In Memoriam

With this week’s news that one of film’s finest directors Mike Nichols sadly passed away, it occurred to me what an horrendous year 2014 has been for robbing us of cinema’s very best.

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The loss of the director of The Graduate and Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf was enormous, in a year that also saw the deaths of actors he worked with including Robin Williams (The Birdcage) and Philip Seymour-Hoffman (Charlie Wilson’s War).

April saw the passing of Bob Hoskins, one of Britain’s best ruffians with a good heart, and also Mickey Rooney after a marathon career that spanned 9 decades.

Lauren Bacall died of a stroke in August – the husky, beautiful actress whose talent and May-December romance with Humphrey Bogart made her a Hollywood icon.

James Garner had already departed in July, known for the Rockford Files and also for leading roles opposite Doris Day and Julie Andrews.

September took Joan Rivers, the sharp-tongued celebrity and talk show host who reconstructed her career time and time again.

It’s an ensemble cast which may be prepping a panto in the afterlife,  and under Mike Nichols’ direction it would surely be an instant classic.

Let’s hope that talents of this calibre are still being made today. I’m sure they are, we just may not appreciate it until we have a year like this one.

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