Jamie Oliver and Raymond Blanc have rightly been singing this fish’s praises as the tastiest and healthy option.

Today we discover that my favourite oily fish mackerel is being massively over fished by Iceland, reducing stocks to dangerous low levels.

I want to be appointed Senior Vice President of all Mackerel. I vow to take the necessary steps to put this fish back up into most treasured category right where it belongs.

Blue oily fish are good for you! See page 207 (Fish) in The A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health and also where they feature in Taking Leave.

My Jet is bigger than yours

Envy is a sin but rather an enjoyable one. A highly dynamic friend of mine who travels more frequently than Hillary Clinton and the air hostesses of Virgin Atlantic asked if I might be in town when he came to stay next Monday.  I spiced up my reply a little.

Sorry but I have to fly to New York on Friday to approve the new Taking Leave ebook US cover design – and then next day be in Moscow for a book signing thing and then back to Madrid for Sunday lunch with the Archbishop and then annoyingly have to fly to Shanghai to meet with the new owners of Volvo to finalise sponsorship with them for the SMSC and the Volvo Amazon……but hey I might be back in time to have coffee on Wednesday am………. He replied rather frostily and didn’t even offer to lend me any air miles.

Shanghai and Santa Monica may be essential groovy travel plans for some folks. But for me it’s going to be a visit to Berkempsted School to give a talk based on You Don’t Have to be Famous to have Manic Depression/how to stay sane in an insane world. Looking forward to the lunch and meeting the folks at the former school of Graham Greene and the excellent Tim Binding, author of ‘A Perfect Execution.’ Interesting.

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