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The way in which we consume wall to wall news of famous people’s deaths is bizarre.

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I am delighted to be giving a brief talk at the Love Talks event on Sunday 17th August 2014, 2pm in the Clore Ballroom at the Southbank Centre.

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November 20th 2007

For something that was conceived around a farmhouse table in Castle Cary four years ago, it does seem we have come a long way.

In New York on Monday night, The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive garnered an International Emmy award for Best Documentary.

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May 13th 2007



Following its recent rebroadcast on March 9th, this documentary has been nominated for a Bafta award in the best series documentary category. The award ceremony takes place on 20th May. Congratulations and best wishes to everyone concerned.


9th March 2007

Plague of dentistry, angst and bank charges

It hasn’t been all bad though! Great time was had signing books down in Worthing’s Methven Books. Thanks to Jen, Andrew and Carol. Viva Worthing beach! Being married to a VIP has many advantages. One of them is to have lunch with the wonderful Mr and Mrs Searle once a year in France. They don’t make men like Ronald Searle anymore.

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of The Manic Depressive repeated on BBC2

NEW! For all those who missed it on its first showing the BBC were being clever enough to repeat the fabulous documentary that the uniquely talented Dr. Hughes and I helped to make about Manic Depression; Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressivepresented by the inestimable Stephen Fry himself in March.

On a serious note: I’ve been touched at the response. It’s seriously heartening to have heard some of the wonderful things people have told me about what the documentary and the book have meant to them.

But I am glad that it has all struck such a chord with the Great British Public – proving that we really are growing up a bit and not actually the stiff upper lipped idiots as we are still portrayed overseas.

I salute once again all the people who let cameras and Stephen Fry into their homes and lives, and gave their time and their life stories to help others understand or begin to come to terms with being MD, or other related difficulties such as depression.

New funkier edition of You Don’t Have to Be Famous …

NEW! – There is a lovely new funkier edition of You Don’t Have To Be Famous … with easy to read new cover. Available in all quality bookstores near you from 13th March 2007. Be the first to have two copies. Or wait for the flimsy but still excellent value paperback version in October 07. Thanks going out to Katy Szita, Sarah Rollason, Kate Adams and last but by no means least Louise Moore for all their patience, hard work and chirpiness …

Allegedly, Britain is experiencing an epidemic of mental ill health at the moment, so I’m very happy if our book – written as a ‘Rough Guide’ for those with mental ill health or those who know them – has been of use. It would not have been possible to write it without both the TV documentary, or the director Ross Wilson, co-producer Lindsey Douglas, and of course the people who generously gave their stories and allowed them to be printed. It takes a lot of guts to put your story out there like that, and both Tony and I are really grateful.

A friend of mine with a nasty chronic illness told me that she found much of the advice in the book useful for her condition and that it was one of the few books out there with humorous but honest advice about living with something that will, however much you try to not let it, change your life, and how to manage to live well with it. (She forced me to put this bit in.) So once again, I’m very glad that the book has been so well received.

Manic Depression Fellowship talk on March 24th

NEW! If you’re around Yeovil, Somerset, on Saturday 24th March 10.00am you can hear me give a short(ish) talk to the South West of England meeting of The Manic Depression Fellowship.
Taking Leave is now available at Borders, Waterstones and WH Smiths

NEW! Taking Leave is now available at Borders, Waterstones, some WH Smiths, as well as all leading independent bookstores. I would like to commiserate with Gerard Noel, Taking Leave’s publisher, who whilst running to the Post Office to post some books to eager reviewers, tripped and broke his foot.

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